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Clinton Strugnell (Chair)

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On behalf of the Jurien Bay Chamber of Commerce, many thanks for participating in Blueprint Jurien Bay.


As promised, please click here for the draft Jurien Bay - Place Vision & Activation Plan. This is our blueprint that captures who we are and what we will become.


We now have our vision: Jurien Bay – Playground of the Turquoise Coast, lots of volunteers to our Activate Jurien Bay Committee and our Priority Quick Wins to get underway with. As Gil Rochecouste said, we look forward to taking Jurien Bay to the next level!


If you have any queries on the plan or want to get involved, please contact by email

Place Vision & Activation Plan

If you'd like to get involved, please contact

After another successful visit from Gilbert Rochecouste of Village Well the community is refreshed and motivated to continue to activate Jurien Bay.

Click here for Gilbert's presentation and click here for a summary of the notes to come out of the workshop.

Community Workshop with Gilbert Rochecouste - 22 March 2017

A great event was held 28 October 2017 - see the full video at

What was "Blueprint Jurien Bay - Unleash the potential"?

The Jurien Bay Chamber of Commerce hosted an Economic Forum called Blueprint Jurien Bay - Unleash the potential between the 4th and 6th of May 2015 and will flew national and international experts into the town for a major event focusing on the future of the coastal community. The purpose of the workshop was to create a shared vision for the future of the town as a destination for tourists and investors.


The Chamber's Chairman Mr Strugnell said the Chamber’s key focus was what can be done to shape Jurien Bay as a key destination in Western Australia by strengthening the number and quality of small town businesses. “Visitors bring dollars, which are reinvested into businesses which can then grow, adding jobs and bringing new people with new ideas to reinvest in our local economy. It is important to understand that whether we like it or not Jurien Bay is in fierce competition from regional towns across the state and across the nation. As we speak, similar communities in Western Australia are striving to promote their town and think about what they need to do to attract people to visit and invest,” he said.


International expert Kim Huston joined the workshop being an advocate for small towns. Kim, author of Small Town Sexy: the allure of living in small town America gained national and international recognition with her book, which discusses the seductive charm and appeal that so many small towns have today and enjoys convincing anyone who will listen that indeed you can do big business in a small town. She is passionate about small towns and believes Jurien Bay has enormous potential. Her message for the people of Jurien Bay was simple – be unique – and build on that.


Gilbert Rouchecouste, Founder and MD of Village Well is recognised both nationally and internationally as a leading voice in placemaking, the art and science of making authentic, vibrant and resilient places that are valued by their communities and admired by visitors. He is a sought-after speaker and motivator, known for his innovative thinking, dynamic engagement processes and inspirational approach to community activation. His catalyst ideas have regenerated iconic places and enlivened many urban and rural communities.

As one of the first Al Gore climate leaders, Gilbert sees the potential of placemaking to inspire a deeper cultural and social environmental awareness and stewardship to make a difference both locally and globally. Gilbert has worked with hundreds of mainstreets, developers and businesses over the last 20+ years to create more vibrant, connected and resilient communities.

Kim Huston

Gilbert Rouchecouste

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