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Become a part of a connected, innovative and entrepreneurial community

To apply for Membership with the Jurien Bay Chamber of Commerce, please complete and submit the following Membership Application:

In order to become a member of the Chamber, your application needs to be supported by two current Members of the Chamber, acting as a Nominator and a Seconder.

If you do not currently know two other members, please leave these fields blank; a Member of the Chamber will contact you to discuss your application and if required, introduce you to other Members who may choose to support your application.

Payment of $110 (inc GST) Membership Fee to 31 December 2021 should by made by direct deposit to the Chamber's bank account: 


BSB: 306-117

Account Number: 0074101

Please include your business name as a reference.

I acknowledge in submitting this information that my Membership Application will be considered at a future meeting of the Chamber.

Please review the fields and ensure they have been correctly filled prior to submitting. Once your information has been correctly submitted, you will receive a message below.

Thank you, your Membership Application has been submitted and we will be in touch with you soon.

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